Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Ques.1.   I am applying for the post of District Judge exam but it takes too long time for uploading the 3rd stage and I am unable to proceed to ‘Next Step’ further?

Answer :  The application details are to be filled in 5 steps. The maximum Login Session for each Step in the Online mode is fixed as 30 minutes to avoid manipulation/hacking. The Applicant shall save the details entered by them within the time stipulated. Once the session expires in 30 minutes, the save button or any other button will not respond. To overcome the situation, the applicant is advised to save often while filling the case details/other details and while processing the next step button and click previous step button again to proceed filling the further details.

Ques.2.   I am applying for the post of District Judge Entry Level. Before completing the whole process, I have closed the browser without using "Logout" option. While I try to Login again, it shows an error. What should I do?

Answer :  If an applicant/user closes the online application window due to power failure/accidentally without logging out, while trying to login she/he will receive an email stating that "Login already in use in another location”. To login, the applicant has to go to the link provided in the email originally sent and select the link “click here” link to release the account locked.

Ques.3.   After successful registration while trying to login in the Recruitment Portal, the message comes stating that “User Name / Password Not valid or Does Not Exist”. How to login successfully?

Answer :  Select the “Forget Password” link and then enter your E mail ID. Reset link will be sent to your E mail. By clicking the Reset Link, the Password can be changed as you like and you can login successfully.

Ques.4.   While applying for the post of District Judge(Entry Level) on this Recruitment Portal, in the Under Graduate category, my degree is not listed?

Answer :  The list of degree given is not exhaustive. If the name of your degree is not provided in the relevant column, use the “ other” column and type the name of the degree in the space provided for furnish details.